All pendants and necklaces are cast and hand-made in fine English pewter, many with additional high quality components, and all come complete upon their nickel-free chains, (or lace, cord, leather thong, etc), of the appropriate length.

Witches Heart Pendant

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Item #P855: Pendant
Witches Heart

Dark practices from the mists of antiquity, whereby a witch could cast a malevolent spell upon their intended subject, perhaps to scorn a blackguard of a former lover, by sticking a heart with pins, nails and thorns.
Approximate Dimensions: Height 1.81" x Width 1.42" x Depth 0.45"
Chain: 21"
Materials: Fine English Pewter, Black Enamel

Our Price $50.00

Goddess Pendant

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Item #P845: Pendant

Combining the empowering pentagram of the five elements, (fire, water, earth, air and spirit), with the three moon phases of Wicca's Triple Goddess, balanced with a crystal to focus your magickal energies.
Approximate Dimensions: Height 1.50" x Width 1.38" x Depth 0.08"
Chain: 18"
Materials: Fine English Pewter, Iridescent Austrian crystal drop.

Our Price $30.00

Faerie Glade Pendant

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Item #P844: Pendant
Faerie Glade

The ephemeral delicacy of a garden fairy reflecting the short but sweet life of a black rose.
An intricate pewter pendant of a fairy capering around a single black rose, with a resin flower and on a 18" (23 cm) long chain.
H: 44mm (1.73") W: 56mm (2.20") D: 12mm (0.47")

Our Price $24.00

New Romance Pendant

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Item #P843: Pendant
New Romance

The new moon brings with it a promise of new love.
A delicate pewter pendant of a new moon crossed with a single black rose, with a resin flower and on a 18" (23 cm) long chain.
Approximate Dimensions: Height 1.73" x Width 0.87" x Depth 0.47"
Materials: Fine English Pewter

Our Price $21.00

Dragons Lure Necklace

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Item #P829: Necklace
Dragons Lure

A twisting saurian familiar, the uniquely intimate dragon furtively willing it's confidant into an uncharacteristically wayward and dissolute lifestyle.
A large solid pewter, antiqued and polished necklace of a spined dragon wrapping around the neck, on a continuous snake chain with its head overlapping the tail and fastened by a magnetic catch under its head. 19" (49cm) overall; non-adjustable.
Approximate Dimensions: Height 5.71" x Width 3.78" x Depth 0.71"

Our Price $100.00

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