All pendants and necklaces are cast and hand-made in fine English pewter, many with additional high quality components, and all come complete upon their nickel-free chains, (or lace, cord, leather thong, etc), of the appropriate length.

Meow at the Moon Pendant

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Item #P824: Pendant
Meow at the Moon

The token of a deep and indulgent connection with mystically sentient energies from the natural world.
A 1" (26mm) diameter moon disc pendant in black pewter with the silhouette of a sitting cat, with pearlescent cream enamel background.
On a 21" (53cm) fine black curb chain.
Approximate Dimensions: Height 1.22" x Width 1.06 " x Depth 0.12"
Materials: Fine English Pewter Colored Black, with Cream Enamel Background

Our Price $21.00

Talismanik Necklace

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Item #P822: Necklace
Talismanik Necklace

Magick and beauty commingle in a flurry of Baroque extravagance, forming a stunning and powerfully positive talisman of protection.
An antiqued pewter, ornately florid style necklace with a large, polished interlacing pentagram at its center. On a split trace chain, 17" (43cm) overall.
Approximate Dimensions: Height 1.69" x Width 3.46 " x Depth 0.24"

Our Price $35.00

Kraken Necklace

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Item #P818: Necklace
Kraken Necklace

You strain to escape the feel of the monstrous, slippery tentacles writhing to take a stranglehold on your neck, in much the same way that countless others failed to do in mysterious and tragic tales from the sea.
A large, antiqued and polished pewter casting of a giant squid, set with a large, Volcano effect, pear-shaped Swarovski crystal at its center.
On split trace chain 17" (43cm) in overall length plus a 1 �" extender chain.
Approximately Width 4.69" x Height 4.53" x Depth 0.39"

Our Price $75.00

Bastet Goddess Choker

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Item #P817: Choker
Bastet Goddess

The Egyptian warrior goddess who transformed into the black cat protectress, bringer of joy, and eventually became goddess of sexuality and the moon.
A 7/8" (23 mm) wide black velvet choker with a slide-on, black pewter casting of a cat's head, with red synthetic cat's eyes and a bell hanging from one pierced ear. The velvet ribbon is 38" (1m) long, to be fastened by tying a bow.
Approximate Dimensions: Width 1.57" x Height 1.46" x Depth 0.55"
Ribbon: 38 inches total
Materials: Fine English Pewter, Red Taxidermal Style Cat Eyes

Our Price $35.00

Cat Sith Pendant

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Item #P816: Pendant
Cat Sith Pendant

Superstition and folklore pervade the mysterious black cat. Known in Celtic mythology as the fairy Cat Sith, a black cat could be a witch's familiar, or may court many suitors for its desirous companion.
A cast, black pewter pendant of a stalking cat hanging from the chain by its tail, with red, Swarovski crystal eyes.
On a 21"(53cm) black trace chain.
Approximately Width 0.75" x Height 2.36" x Depth 0.59"

Our Price $22.50

Draconic Tryst Necklace

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Item #P811: Necklace
Draconic Tryst Necklace

Consorts of darkness and partners in deviance collude and entwine with adamantine embrace, for an insight of oneness to belong to one another for eternity. An interlocking, separable, two-tone double necklace.
Two pendants in one; symmetrical pewter dragons, one black and the other a silvery antiqued pewter, entwine and face each other to form a great heart shape. The two dragons are fastened together by hidden magnets and break apart when pulled, making two separate pendants on their own chains.
On two separate trace chains, one black one silver, 18" (46cm) long. Can be worn linked together or as two separate pendants.
Approximately Width 2.09" x Height 2.48" x Depth 0.43"

Our Price $40.00

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