All pendants and necklaces are cast and hand-made in fine English pewter, many with additional high quality components, and all come complete upon their nickel-free chains, (or lace, cord, leather thong, etc), of the appropriate length.

Voodoo Doll Pendant

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Item #P769: Pendant
Voodoo Doll

Of ancient European origin, the traditional Folk Magic way to destroy a witch's power; and with the aid of a grimoire, inflict precision injury upon those against them.
Approximately Height: 137mm (5.39") Width: 37mm (1.46") Depth: 7mm (0.28"). 21" chain.

Our Price $39.00

Planchette Pendant

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Item #P766: Pendant

Technology from the 19th century seance; a spiritualist's device for communicating with the dead through the 'talking board', and discovering mysteries on the other side ICU!
Approximately Height: 64mm (2.52") Width: 32mm (1.26") Depth: 10mm (0.39"). 21" chain.

Our Price $42.00

Black Rosifix Necklace

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Item #P758: Necklace
Black Rosifix

The cross of deep devotion, passion and eternal mystery; a crimson crystal heart, enigmatically extremitised by black roses.
Suspended from a bale, a polished pewter cross entwined by roses, with a large, red, Austrian crystal heart at the intersection and black resin rose flowers at the arm ends. On a 21" (53cm) trace chain with additional 1.5" extender chain.
Approximately Width 2.1" x Height 3.5" x Depth 0.6".

Our Price $62.00

Rabenschadel Klein Pendant

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Item #P752: Pendant
Rabenschadel Klein

A telling token of the great black bird, famous for it's prophetic powers, being Odin's messengers and capable of foretelling death.
An authentically detailed miniature raven's skull pendant in polished pewter, suspended by the chain passing through the skull's eyes. On a 21" (53cm), black trace chain.
Approximately Width 0.6" x Height 1.1" x Depth 0.5".

Our Price $21.00

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