All pendants and necklaces are cast and hand-made in fine English pewter, many with additional high quality components, and all come complete upon their nickel-free chains, (or lace, cord, leather thong, etc), of the appropriate length.

Elizabethan Court Necklace

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Item #P749: Necklace
Elizabethan Court

From Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester's original motif for the decorative molding above the north entrance to the 16th century Kenilworth Castle, in honor of his great secret love, Elizabeth Rex, alas, censored and never used ... Set with three Swarovski crystal hearts and an Elizabethan pearl dropper.
An antiqued pewter necklace in late gothic style, pierced at the center with a suspended Swarovski crystal heart there and set either side with smaller crystal hearts. Fine suspended chains decorate the underside along with a central glass 'pearl' dropper, and the visible section of chain is made of Swarovski pearls. On an 18" (46cm) overall length Swarovski pearl & trace chain, plus a 1 1/2" extender chain.
Approximately Width 2.76" x Height 3.03" x Depth 0.39".

Our Price $85.00

Amber Dragon Thorhammer

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Item #P728: Pendant
Amber Dragon Thorhammer

A classic, ornate and highly intricate pagan amulet of power and protection, fit for a high ranking Saxon or Viking leader, set with polished, translucent, 30 million year old amber. Says "Thunar" in runes on back side.
Approximately 1.18" wide x 1.89" high. 21" chain.

Our Price $45.00

Heart of Cthulhu Pendant

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Item #P723: Pendant
Heart of Cthulhu

A revealing of the monstrous, crystallised soul of darkness.
Approximately 1.42" wide x 2.91" high, 33" chain.

Our Price $80.00

The Murnan Cross of Sorrow Necklace

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Item #P720: Necklace
The Murnan Cross of Sorrow

Bearing the black cross of abject mourning, the tortuous dark thorns hold telling droplets of crystal blood.
Approximately 3.54" wide x 1.57" high.

Our Price $55.00

Bacchanal Rose Necklace

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Item #P700: Necklace
Bacchanal Rose

A sumptuous necklace with a romantic motif hiding, or revealing, a secret libertine passion for wine and sensual pleasures.

Our Price $80.00

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